Sam's Falling creates a ..subtle..sonic..lift..


Through Cynthia Hall’s magnificent and haunting voice, we are transported to an ancient, even archetypal, window of the soul. Lifted up and carried along by the sensuousness of her evocative and instructive phrasing, we learn about yielding to the deepest emotions to find the spirit within.

Flawlessly balancd and underscored by Pim Bouwens’ delicate instrumentation, exceedingly fine musicianship, and extraordinary arrangements, Cynthia's vocal virtuosity comes often into victory in their newest CD "Simplify".

"Simplify" focuses on intense emotional reality and in such songs as the melodically beautiful Desert Sky, the sensuously rhythmic Simplify and the hauntingly arranged Arrived, Pim and Cynthia unite in lyric and melody to give us four and five minute masterpieces. It is as if the creative forces that they both possess become a flawless unity. There is an underlying and completely united intimacy in this work that allows these two artists to remind us of commonly held things and to feel universal truths of the heart. Rod Drown - journalist

Sam's Falling is Cynthia Hall (singer, songwriter) and Pim Bouwens (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, engineer, producer)based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. Their paths crossed in the Netherlands in 1993 and they have since never parted. Their union sparked off incredible explorations, musical and otherwise, resulting in a unique musical presence that is powerful, subtle and comforting.Cynthia, of Dutch-Indonesian heritage, moved to Canada at the age of 9. She filled her life with whatever music the Canadian west coast could offer her, touring with original and cover bands throughout BC and Alberta. She led the bands with her skillful, sonorous vocals, while exploring and expressing her vision of life through her unusual lyrics. Cynthia's musical sense is sympathetic and insightful.

Pim, who was born and raised in The Netherlands, filled his life with rhythm in loud metal bands, as a young talented drummer. He toured through Europe, and jammed with Metallica and Anthrax. It became clear in his early twenties that his talents reach deeper than the one instrument. His innate musical sense burst forth, as he developed his skills with other instruments, such as guitar, bass guitar and keyboards, as well as his sense for arrangement, engineering and producing. His ability to write uniquely free-flowing yet subtly complex melodies also came natural to him. Pim is a one-man musical dynamo if there ever was one.

As a unit Cynthia and Pim have already performed their music in The Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.
That's just a start. Meet Sam's Falling.










04 Nov 2017 - update

  • It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the passing of Cynthia on November 1st 2017, after a battle with cancer.
  • This beautiful soul will stay in our hearts forever. RIP.

27 April 2015 - update

  • FOREVER SHELTERED ... Cynthia's new track with Belgian trance-masters: First Effect.  So proud of this one !!  Have a listen. “Forever SHELTERED”.

25 February 2015 - update

  • So wonderful !!! Cynthia's 2nd trance release this year SLAVE TO DOUBT, a collaboration with incredible master-DJ Matt Bukovski from Poland, is ready for release within days on Amsterdam Trance label. Have a listen and enjoy !!! “SLAVE TO DOUBT”.

16 January 2015 - update

10 November 2014 - update


4 November 2014 - update

  • Brand-new Sam's Falling release !!!! "EVERYTHING WITHIN, EVERYTHING WITHOUT" out on bandcamp Cynthia Hall Bandcamp
  • Video for EVERYTHING .... in the works.  This video will be shown on "Cynthia Hall Music YouTube Channel" within days !!!!
  • Continuing to work on Trance tracks; with upcoming release dates to be published soon.

8 August 2014 - update

  • SUNFLOWERS voted #2 Future Favorite for ASOT#674; top DJ, Armin van Buuren's world-renowned weekly trance radio show.

23 July 2014 - update

  • "SUNFLOWERS", my newest Trance track, this time with mastermind A.R.D.I., is out TODAY !!!
     Listen in "Trance audio" below. ENJOY !!!

30 June 2014 - update

  • Working on Sam’s Falling video.
  • "Shield of Faith" (CH & DJ Richard Durand) reaches #4 on BeatPortTranceTop100
  • “Step Towards The Within” (CH & DJ Yura Moonlight & DJ Dart Rayne) reaches #13 on BeatPortTranceTop100; #1 on BeatPortMustHearTranceTrack of Week 23.
  • Enjoying it all !!!





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Everything Within, Everything Without (2014) Single


Coinciding .. (2009)

Track list : According To Universe, Quarrels, Coinciding, Joy World, Understand, Out Of The Sun, His Kindest Words
Keep Your Eyes On It, Ocean


Simplify (2006)

Track list : Desert Sky, Simplify, Arrived, Succumb, So Much I Still Recall, Slide, Look On To You, You Remain


beyond the rumours edge (2003)

Track list : Lose My Fear, Heal, The Cry Game, So Vast, With Me, Indian Mares, Talk Pure, The Murder Is Out


Hall& Bouwens (1998)

Track list : The Cry Game, The Murder Is Out









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